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Many people have been curious about what’s prompted all the change – here’s the ‘behind the scenes’ scoop on our inspiration:

We LOVE that our products allow individuals, families and businesses to let their creativity come to life in a way that’s completely unique and reflective of personal expression. Essentially, to bring a modern face to the interior spaces, with ease and affordability. 

We want to celebrate this individuality and personality. We want our company to be reflective of you – our customers, supporters, inspiration – and so we’ve done that in a BIG way:
  • A new logo!
  • New retail packaging
  • New decal designs
  • A feature at IDS West so you can get hands on with the products
  • A campaign featuring real faces and spaces  
Needless to say, it’s been a busy summer!

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 Interested in having your face and space featured?

Simply share photos of your new Urban Walls space on our Instagram @urbanwalls with the hashtag #thesearemyurbanwalls. 
Interested in contributing an item to our contests and having your business featured? Email us directly to: info@urbanwalls.com