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Urban Walls | Meet the Faces Behind Our Decaled Spaces



We have had the pleasure of seeing our decal go up in so many amazing spaces over the years. In celebration of the people who continue to choose us, we are excited to officially release our new, ongoing ‘Faces and Spaces’ campaign!

In this behind-the-scenes feature, we’ll give you an exclusive look at the amazing stories and inspirations of our customers, partners, friends and entrepreneurs who all share one thing in common – the love of beautiful things. 

We kick things off with the beloved Erica Cook and enjoyed hearing about her must have items as well as her favourite splurge items. Happy reading!

Erica Cook Q&A 


  1. In one sentence, how would you describe your business?

    I'm an interior designer who has branched into social media work.

  2. If your business were a person, who would they be – what human characteristics would they hold?

    If my business were a person, it would be vivacious and creative all while being thoughtful and methodical.

  3. In three words, how would you describe yourself?

    Loving, loyal and hardworking.

  4. In one word, how would you describe your personal design style?


  5. If you could leave one piece of advice to future generations, what would it be?

    Work hard and believe in yourself. If you're dedicated and focused anything is possible.

  6. Who do you find most inspiring for new ideas, trends, styles?

    I couldn't necessarily say that my inspiration comes from a person. I find ideas in videos, movies, fashion, travel/exploring old and new interiors, etc.

  7. Who are your favourite bloggers, stylists, social accounts to follow?

    There are so many its hard to single out individuals but to give a nod to some of my canadian girls I'd have to say Monika Hibbs, Christine Dovey and other sources would include Domino, Lonny.

  8. What is your favourite personal or household item to splurge on? 

    Fresh flowers and scented candles. 






  9. If you could change it at the blink of an eye, what crazy colour would you paint your walls? 

    I'm known for my white interiors and have had all white walls for as long as I can remember. If I had to switch them out in a blink I'd probably pick a mid tone grey. 

  10. If you were stranded on a desert island, what one item would you bring with you? 


  11. If you didn’t need to work around an existing decor, what decal would you create for yourself and why? 

    I feel like Urban Walls has thought of everything I'd want but otherwise I might create a damask pattern, or a miniature eiffel tower 

  12. What drew you to the decal you’re featuring on your walls at the moment? 

    I've always loved Urban Walls seeing stars and was waiting for the right place to put them. Changing my youngest son's room from a nursery to a space suited to a big boy seemed like the right time. I love how in this space it's a subtle nod to a nautical/compass rose without being overtly themed. 





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